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Top 15 Accredited Online MBA Universities


MBA Universities

In today's higher education industry, there are many online MBA universities that provides different types of MBA courses. Online MBA programs can be available everywhere at an affordable cost to working people.

Below are the top ranked online MBA universities:

1. Instituto de Empresa (IE) of Madrid
This teaching institute is ranked as the top online MBA University which offers its courses in both English and Spanish. All lessons and discussions can take place anywhere around the world through virtual lectures and videoconferencing. Besides, students can communicate with each other over 48 countries via interactive sessions to share background and expertise in different fields

2. Thunderbird School of Global Management
This school is ranked as second best. The graduates from this teaching institute are successfully employed and well accepted in big corporations such as Coca Cola and Boeing. This school was awarded as the number one school in International Business by Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal.

3. Duke University of USA
This university has been ranked as the third best out of all the online MBA schools with its great quality provided.

4. Manchester Business School of UK
It is well known for offering quality distance learning program and workshops that suit the needs and requirements of the students

The rest of the top ranked universities that offer great online MBA courses are:
5. Indiana University
6. Pennsylvania State University
7. University of Florida
8. Babson College
9. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
10 The George Washington University
11. Walden University
12. University of Phoenix
13. Western Governers University
14. DeVry University
15. Jones International University.

You should be proud of yourself if you are offered to pursue the online course by any of the universities stated above.

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